InfiniLinks Interface Development Kit (IDK)


The InfiniLinks Interface Development Kit (IDK) is a series of script-development tools and debuggers designed to make developing and debugging component scripts easier, dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to complete an interface project. The first release of the IDK focuses on the Communications Definition Language (CDL) script and Text Manipulation Language (TML) sentences.
The CDL Builder provides a complete integrated development environment for configuring the component’s communications settings, developing the Communications Definition Language (CDL) script, and debugging the component. With the CDL Builder, developers can even connect the application directly to an endpoint application and debug the component in real-time. The CDL Builder unifies and streamlines the entire component development process in one easy to use tool.
The TML Builder allows developers to create and test powerful Text Manipulation Language commands and then store them in a centralized repository within the InfiniLinks Server. The hallmark of TML has always been its ability to allow developers to create complex functions with just a few keystrokes, something that would be large subroutines in a traditional programming language. Not only does the application provide a GUI to make developing TML sentences easier, it also includes a full-featured debugger that allows end-users to step through TML sentences on a function-by-function basis, set breakpoints, and change code on the fly. Best of all, the TML Builder adapts to the proficiency level of the user, providing the novice with wizards and context-sensitive help, it provides the expert with the option to use these tools or edit the source code directly.
As the core InfiniLinks suite of applications is continually upgraded and enhanced, so will the IDK. The most amazing features in the world are not useful unless there is a mechanism for harnessing those abilities. This release of the IDK provides just a glimpse of what the future holds for InfiniLinks. Dagran is committed to making InfiniLinks not only the most powerful EAI engine on the market, but also the easiest to use.
For more information about the Infinilinks Interface Development Kit please contact Customer Support.