February 2, 2005
Dagran Announces the Release of InfiniLinks v2.1
Tucson, Arizona (February 2, 2005) - Dagran, a leader in healthcare systems integration solutions, announced today the release of an enhanced version of InfiniLinks. The new release, Version 2.1, is available immediately. InfiniLinks, is a powerful integration engine that delivers advanced messaging capabilities to healthcare organizations.
"InfiniLinks Version 2.1 delivers on our promise to not only make InfiniLinks one of the most powerful interface engines on the market, but also one of the easiest to implement", said Andrew Mallon, Development Manager of Dagran. "Version 2.1 expands our feature-rich interface engine with state-of-the-art monitoring and administrative tools. The new Alert Agent helps our customers find and resolve issues before it becomes a problem for their users."
Alert Agent
The Alert Agent provides the ability to monitor multiple InfiniLinks servers and generate an alert message to an operator or on-call technician if a server event occurs that requires immediate attention. A server event can range from a critical system error, such as a server or communications component failure, to the more mundane, such as an HL7 message failing within a router’s translation script.

In addition to providing a monitoring agent, version 2.1 also ships with configuration tools with a sophisticated rules engine that will determine the format of an outbound alert and who receives the alerts and when. Rules can be set up to only send certain alerts during non-business hours, or to route alerts to different people on the weekends. The Alert Agent’s powerful capabilities allow you to catch and handle problems before they turn into critical situations.

Alerts are sent as outbound e-mail messages via SMTP. The Alert Agent includes a full-featured SMTP client that can connect to a myriad of different SMTP servers running on a variety of different platforms.


Encryption Support

New to version 2.1, InfiniLinks now supports encryption amongst InfiniLinks components and to the outside world. InfiniLinks’ support for encryption can be broken down into functional categories: Queue Encryption, Client Tools Encryption, Component Communications Encryption and Outside Communication Encryption.
Monitor Enhancements
A critical new feature added to the Monitor is support for custom filters. With increasingly complex InfiniLinks deployments, some servers now maintain over 200 InfiniLinks components. A mechanism was added to the Monitor to allow users to define multiple views that filter out unwanted components from the display and show only those components necessary to deal with the issue at hand.
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